Workshops & Presentations

Presentation at the Scout’s English Team

ChooseMyPlate – children’s food guide – Presentation at the Scout’s English Team in St. George’s International School Luxembourg on Tuesday 4th of February 2020.

Workshop at 2030whenigrowup – Nutrition with children

Healthy nutrition is respect for yourself and for others. It is great and fun to teach children about fruits and vegetables: touch, smell and taste.

Workshop at FlourishLab

Thank you friends, practitioners and supporters. Delighted so many people joined us to experience the many dimensions of wellbeing.

Workshop at 2030whenigrowup

It’s great to work with family and children and to learn about MyPlate and what correct portion sizes look like.

Health and Nutrition – Presentation at AVRIS asbl

This interactive presentation had two parts. In the second part Christina Fodor, Dietitian Nutritionist talked about variety, balance and adequate quantity in daily nutrition.

Children’s Nutrition – Romanian School for the Weekend – Luxembourg

We discussed what a balanced nutrition diet for children means. Ms. Fodor has many years experience in diet and nutrition, and has devoted much of time to helping parents provide a healthy lifestyle to children and the family as a whole. 

Videos: medNutrition

Presentation of the book “STOP to childhood obesity. The generation of X-large”(medNutrition 2013)
How the Dietitian could help overweight and obesity child?
Nutrition: how to keep our food fresh
Wine, why not?
Meat, yes or no?
Prevention & Health