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Are you looking for a Dietitian Nutritionist in Luxembourg?

What I like the most about my job as Dietitian Nutritionist is to listen to each patient, adult or child, to understand their expectations and to propose a personalised method. I can assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems for individuals, couples and families.
All the consultations include: discussion and evaluation about the changes you reached, body’s measures, modification of nutritional behaviour, nutritional training, using both professional tools and food preforms, the purpose for the next time and a personalised dietary regime plan.

Are you ready to improve your relationship with food?

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Our consultations aim to change nutritional behaviour, respecting your preferences and to unceasingly discover and know your nutritional and emotional needs.
Nutrition & Pathologies

Obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, (pre)diabetes, IBS and others digestive problems, coeliac disease, food allergy, intolerances ex. lactose, fructose, etc.

Personal & Groups

Consultations for adults, teenagers, children, babies, pregnancy, breastfeeding, geriatrics and for situations as vegetarians, sports and family nutrition guide, etc.

Assessment of the patient

Nutritional assessment, history of body weight and previous weight loss efforts, personal and familial medical background.

Body composition

The analysis of body composition: measurement of fat, lean body mass, extracellular, and intracellular fluids, body condition, visceral fat, Body Mass Index (BMI), basal metabolic rate, etc.

About Me

Dietitian Nutritionist with almost 17 years of experience. Authorized to practice the profession of Dietitian in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
I practice a personalised method that helps you develop healthy eating habits and teach them how to eat better. The goal is to improve nutritional behavior and simply to apply a balanced diet close to your wishes and needs.
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Clients opinions about their experience

The difference of 45 kilos. Thanks to Christina Fodor I was able to lose my superfluous kilos with lots of patience and perseverance. Thank you so much Christina for the love you gave me and the advice I have to follow during your absence.

Desiree ChamanadjianEgypt

Always the fantastic Christina with her wonderful nutritional tips has made us feel great.

Roula XezonakiGreece

Christina is a very helpful Dietitian - Nutritionist and always looks for variety to cover all nutrition needs.

Andra AndFlorinelLuxembourg

Healthy nutrition it's respect for yourself and for another, it's love and joy! You're doing all this just being yourself and doing what you like more: NUTRITION (helping people being happy with themself). Only a great professional can do this, thank you for youre passion and for the little BIG step that you are doing for the humanity!

Andreea EnacheItaly

Very good dietitian who takes the time to listen to you and really accompany you in your food education. Available even between seances is what I appreciate in case of difficulty. I also like his personalization of the program has our character and his progressive approach to dieting that is not off-putting. Congratulations!

HélèneMay 2020, Luxembourg

Great and professional doctor! Solution finder, tailoring the diet according to your needs! Nice and friendly!

MagdalenaNovember 2020, Luxembourg

It’s my first time visiting Ms Christina and I am very happy. She asked me many questions, trying to figure out how better she can help me. Very open and helpful. I look forward to use her advices and strongly recommend her.

CristinaJune 2020, Luxembourg


CristinaDecember 2019, Luxembourg

Very professional, doctor Fodor takes time on every detail and she tries to find the best personalized solution. I don’t feel stressed at all being on a diet, she’s available to help and answer your questions always and she has a very calm and reassuring way of resolving the problems that might come on the way of losing weight. I’m very happy I met doctor Fodor and I strongly recommend her because first of all she made me discover the eating way for being healthy.

CorneliaNovember 2020, Luxembourg

Very professional, patient and kind. Carefully listening to understand my profile and find the best approach that fits my needs. It was a great experience! I highly recommend Dr Fodor!

Ruxandra-IoanaDecember 2020, Luxembourg

We received some brilliant ideas which we immediately put into practice. Mrs. Fodor allotted huge amount of time to review in details the situation and provided targeted approach to the specific needs of the child. As a parent I have an excellent impressions from her professionalism and attitude.

ZlatianaJanuary 2021, Luxembourg

Great experience! Always good advice!

MagdalenaJanuary 2021, Luxembourg

Christina Fodor is a very competent and caring nutritionist. Today was my first appointment and I am looking forward to continuing my path with her support.

SabrinaJanuary 2021, Luxembourg

She is prompt, takes a lot of time, and adjusts to one's personal likes and dislikes. Feels like a partnership.

SharmanJanuary 2021, Luxembourg

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