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Are you looking for a Dietitian Nutritionist in Luxembourg?

What I like the most about my job as Dietitian Nutritionist is to listen to each patient, adult or child, to understand their expectations and to propose a personalised method. I can assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems for individuals, couples and families.
All the consultations include: discussion and evaluation about the changes you reached, body’s measures, modification of nutritional behaviour, nutritional training, using both professional tools and food preforms, the purpose for the next time and a personalised dietary regime plan.

Are you ready to improve your relationship with food?

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Our consultations aim to change nutritional behaviour, respecting your preferences and to unceasingly discover and know your nutritional and emotional needs.
Nutrition & Pathologies

Obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, (pre)diabetes, IBS and others digestive problems, coeliac disease, food allergy, intolerances ex. lactose, fructose, etc.

Personal & Groups

Consultations for adults, teenagers, children, babies, pregnancy, breastfeeding, geriatrics and for situations as vegetarians, sports and family nutrition guide, etc.

Assessment of the patient

Nutritional assessment, history of body weight and previous weight loss efforts, personal and familial medical background.

Body composition

The analysis of body composition: measurement of fat, lean body mass, extracellular, and intracellular fluids, body condition, visceral fat, Body Mass Index (BMI), basal metabolic rate, etc.

About Me

Dietitian Nutritionist with almost 17 years of experience. Authorized to practice the profession of Dietitian in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
I practice a personalised method that helps you develop healthy eating habits and teach them how to eat better. The goal is to improve nutritional behavior and simply to apply a balanced diet close to your wishes and needs.
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Clients opinions about their experience

Mrs Fodor is always a good listener and takes all the time needed to identify the problem. She is very empathetic and suggests dietary changes to adapt to the situation. Her aim is clearly to help me in my approach and she guides me "firmly and gently" towards my goal. You don't get something for nothing and the proposed changes, even if they shake up my routine a little, are made gently and with a great deal of understanding. I feel really supported!

HeleneAugust 2023, Luxembourg

Professional and attentive. Quick and effective analysis of dietary errors. A precious help in my weight loss process

GenevièveJuly 2023, Luxembourg

She is very motivating and I am delighted with the results at each visit. She gives you little tips.

IsabelleJuly 2023, Luxembourg

I had a very good feeling about my first consultation with Mrs Fodor. It seems to me that she asked the right questions and I'm confident that she can help me achieve my goal.

GenevièveJune 2023, Luxembourg

Very serious and committed to her work. A very positive approach that motivates us to follow her advice with a good understanding of what is at stake for our health I am achieving very good results Thank you!

RuteJune 2023, Luxembourg

Very helpful and positive motivation. She is a very good professional and takes care of her patients. Sensitive approach.

TeresaJune 2023, Luxembourg

Undoubtedly the best nutritionist I ever had!

Carlos MarceloJune 2023, Luxembourg

Dr. Fodor has really helped me get to a place where food is no longer a problem. It wasn't easy to change my mindset but with the help of Dr. Fodor I did it in less than a year and now have a good relationship with food. I will take with me what she taught me and will keep having a healthy diet, which is now automatic and doesn't require much thought.

AnonymousJune 2023, Luxembourg

Mrs Fodor takes the time to listen to her patients, to talk to them, to find out as much as she can about their personalities and eating habits; she puts them at ease. She always tries to find solutions. She's not a 'teacher', on the contrary, but she makes her patients aware of the fact that a healthy and, above all, well-considered diet is the best way to regain good health and, therefore, a better quality of life. I highly recommend her.

AchillefsMarch 2023, Luxembourg

A practitioner who listens to the patient, is able to give very good advice and respects the needs of each person, adapting the advice and the method. I don't feel stressed or under pressure at all because she focuses on well-being and health first. Weight loss becomes a natural consequence of good eating habits and lifestyle changes. We're moving away (at last!) from the concept of sacrifice to lose weight.

Maria ElenaFebruary 2023, Luxembourg

Easy to find practice, right in the centre of Luxembourg: very practical, practitioner listens and takes the time to explain things properly.

FlorenceFebruary 2023, Luxembourg

Dr Fodor is such a kind person and great listener. You feel truly cared for - already after two sessions I wonder why I didn't seek help for my food and nutrition habits earlier.

MonikaJanuary 2023, Luxembourg

Very professional and conscientious dietician, clear and precise in her explanations, she takes into consideration all the details necessary to assess the situation and set coherent objectives in order to help you and make you understand how important what you eat is for your health.

LouisJanuary 2023, Luxembourg

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